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The Ike x Pit Community
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A community for Ike x Pit fans!

Hello and welcome to the Ike/Pit LJ community~


1. This is obvious, but all posts must relate to Ike/Pit* in some way. Off-topic posts will be deleted. Off-topic posts would be like a post asking for friends' codes or something. You can do that at the ssbb comm so go there for that.

However, since the community is rather small at the moment, we will allow for introduction posts. (This may change in the future) Share with us how you came to like this pairing or other tidbits you’d like for us to know.

*Threesomes, etc are allowed as long as Ike/Pit is a part of it. (eg. Ike/Pit/Link)
*”Pike” or love child stuff is also allowed since there’s implied Ike/Pit.
*Mature content is allowed. It MUST go under an LJ-cut.

2. Keep drama outside the community. And please don’t start up drama either. Srsly.

3. Contributions are most welcome! For rules concerning them you can read the specific sections below.

*When sharing something that you did not create yourself you must give full credit to the original creator and link to the original source. This includes screenshots you did not take yourself, Japanese fanart, etc.

Posting Etiquette

All posts that include any type of fanwork must use the following label which does NOT go under an LJ-cut.


-All fanart must go under an LJ-cut. Although, a 300x300 preview image is fine. Also please use the following form when making your post.

-All fanfiction must go under an LJ-cut. Also please use the following form when making your post.
Any screenshots are allowed as long as there is some relevance to Ike/Pit. You can post “preview thumbnails” but the actual screenshots should be under an LJ-cut.

-For icons please only post 1-3 icons as a preview and the rest under a cut. If you have a large amount of icons, please use a table.

-You may post previews for banners/layouts/mood themes/etc only if they are 300x300 or smaller. Anything larger and the actual graphics must go under a lj-cut.

-For doujinshi, unless the scanlator gives permission, do not redistribute any doujinshi outside the comm. Since doujinshi most likely does not exist for this pairing, I will allow for scanlations of online fanart comics.

4. No character/pairing bashing. No trolling. Etc.

5. All posts that include downloadable or mature media should be friends-locked. And use tags!

6. Poooost and have fuuuun. 8DDD



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